The Importance of Building Your Brand

The Importance of Building Your Brand

When it comes to branding, most people think of big corporations, and even small businesses, branding their products and services. However, branding now extends far beyond corporate lines and into individual cubicles. As workers compete for the best jobs at the best companies, often the best personal brand wins. So how does one build a successful personal brand to excel in their career? Read on to find out.

Differentiate Yourself

One of the main ways any brand sets itself apart from the competition is through differentiation. Companies do this by going against the grain, innovating in technology, becoming the best at one or two aspects of their business, or even through their ads. Workers do this by bringing something to the table that other people do not.

This means doing more than just getting a passing grade in school. To stand out from the rest at work, it means going the extra mile. Some professionals may also try to obtain special certifications in their field, which often tack on fancy letters at the end of their name. The options are endless.

Craft a Professional Online Presence

The Importance of Building Your Brand

A significant portion of employers do an online search on job candidates before hiring. Because of this, workers should use social media to make it easy for employers to find what they’re looking for. Workers can start by creating a LinkedIn profile and properly filling out all the details, building an online profile or professional website, and even a Google Plus page.

It’s important to also ensure that bad search results are kept at a minimum. Workers should try to keep social media profiles and status updates clean, and work-friendly. Posting pornographic material, and offensive language, is sure to turn off many recruiters and damage reputations.

Present Yourself Well on Paper

Not every great employee is very good at representing their best qualities on paper in the form of a résumé, CV, or portfolio. For this reason, workers should do research and look at templates that best fit their profession. They can also get professional help from editors and résumé writers who know best what to put on a résumé, and how to phrase it to catch a recruiter’s eye.

Dress for Success

Many successful people advise that to become successful, it’s important to dress the part. Though anomalies like Mark Zuckerberg and other Silicon Valley successes may make this seem questionable, for the most part, it still rings true. It’s natural human instinct to judge a person based on appearance, and the more respectable one looks, the more respectably one is treated.

The power of imagination is also a powerful thing. By dressing for success, people already see the person in that role and realize, at least as far as appearances go, they have what it takes to play the part. Dressing for success does not mean out-dressing everyone in the office, or spending a month’s salary on expensive clothes. It does mean paying attention to one’s hygiene and general appearance, and dressing appropriately for every professional occasion.

Working on personal branding can help many professionals advance in their careers by putting their best foot forward. It can also help them to win the attention of higher-ups, and the good favor of recruiters at the best companies, for the best jobs.

Chris Burch is a venture capitalist and founder of Burch Creative Capital.

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