Essentials for International Business Travel as a CEO in 2016

Essentials for International Business Travel as a CEO in 2016

International traveling is different and far much complicated than domestic traveling. Without enough preparation and discipline, you may end up having a bad experience while in the other country. There are a lot of things you have to arrange and adjust to make sure your journey is successful. In this post, we are going to give you the essential things to consider during an international trip as a business executive. 

Research on the weather conditions of the other country

Before you even book, take time and read about the political and weather conditions of the country you want to visit. Take some time and browse through the local travel advisories, forums, blogs and weather pages. If you are too busy for this, let your assistant help you with the research. Alternatively, you can use mobile apps to check the weather conditions of the destination airport. This way, you can avoid unnecessary delays and nerve-raking storms during the flight.

Research on airfare, accommodation and other essential services

While on the trip, you will need a place to sleep and do other things. Scout for deals from best hotels in your destination country. You can use Google Maps to find good hotels near your business destination. As a business person, you know the importance of saving money. It is not a bad idea to check online for promotions and coupons before you make a hotel reservation. Use the airline company’s app to book and re-book in case something comes up. Choose a comfortable seat where you can enjoy everything while on the flight. I usually go for the seat near the window because it allows me to stare outside and sleep leaning against the wall.

Use bags that are easy to work with at the checkpoint

You need to select a travel bag that is simple and fast to s scrutinize at the check. The bag should have a place to keep electronics strategically so that you don’t have to unpack them at the checkpoint, which reduces the time you take at this point. You can use bags that are certified by the Transportation Security Administration to avoid problems at the checkpoints. You can purchase them online or at any store near your town.

Make sure your insurance and mobile phone plans are in check

You have to secure your travel insurance and communication plans before you embark on the journey. Travel insurance is often a mandatory requirement in most countries, so you need to talk with your insurance provider to organize for you a good package. Your insurance company may decide to adjust your primary health care insurance to cover medical expenses outside the country. Other coverage include luggage, language disparity and loss of items. Sometimes you may need data to roam across the web. Talk with your local network provider to activate for you roaming services with appropriate voice ad texts.

Make sure you pack all the essentials

You have to pack systematically if you are going abroad. Ensure the medication, travel documents and other valuable items are in one bag. Make a list of all the business and personal items you will need during the trip and start packing them weeks before. If your trip is going to take several weeks, pack enough clothes change.

Travel light

Majority of CEOs choose to travel light to avoid long queues at the terminal meant for claiming luggage. It is advisable you only carry essential things to minimize inconveniences at the airport and the hotels. A business trip requires more of shaking hands than going back and forth in you hotel room to drop your big and heavy bag. You can use luggage delivery services to help if you have to carry many things.

Consider multipurpose clothes

You need to pack clothes that suit the environmental conditions of your destination country. That is why you need to do extensive research about the local weather conditions of the country you are about to visit. If it is a cold place, carry wool clothes. Carry with you at least two pairs of footwear. They can include official business shoes, sneakers or any other casual shoes you consider appropriate.

Learn Basic words of the language spoken in foreign country

It is often a rewarding experience to interact with people in your destination using their local language. There are several language applications that can help you learn basic languages while you are on the go. You should at least learn the local word for “thank you” and “excuse me.”

Time your arrival well

Having landed in your destination country’s airport, there are hundreds of people who are just eager as you are to book for the return flight back home. As a business executive, you need to plan yourself well to beat the crowd of people yearning for the same thing. Take control of your flight schedule and ignore flight companies that force you to book at a time you don’t like.

Christopher Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital and a leading Entrepreneur in the United States.

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